Miniature Painting - custom order

26.00 - 385.00
  • Miniature Painting - custom order

I am happy to paint for you what you dream about or picture painted from a photo.
You can order from me a selected thumbnail with any topic. After making a purchase, please send me via email your order number and chosen reference photo.

Please remember that depending on the complexity of the selected miniature, the implementation time may take several days to several weeks. You will be informed via email about processing time after purchase. If you need it faster, please let me know, I will do my best to speed up the process.

I also offer my miniatures in other variants: Basic, Standard, Expert and Exclusive.
Each of the options I offer includes:
- Personalized order – you choose the theme you want to have painted
- Painting with artistic paints – museum quality of pigments (100 years)
- A very well-rendered detail
- You choose the expected final size by yourself
- You will receive a personal certificate of authenticity with the miniature.

Additional characteristics of variants:
- Cotton canvas (ACID-free watercolor ARCHES paper)
- No fixing of the painting (suitable for binding in a frame).

- Wooden background – seasoned wood from falls in Polish forests
- Fixing the painting with varnishes (the painting can be framed, but also used as an ornament, pendant, or jewelry piece).

- includes Standard options +
- Fixing the painting with crystal jewelry glass (non-yellowing special resin, color-resistant to time and light).

- includes Expert options +
- Detail devoted with exceptional care and precision.

Check the gallery of my works: Miniature Paintings

Check also framing UPGRADE options, available for your order.

I highly recommend that you contact me before making a purchase because not all topics are good for the chosen size of miniature painting. I will help you with choosing the proper size and finishing options.

Due to UV radiation please avoid ready pieces being exposed to direct sunlight.